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"You can have that axe, Lee.…" Riley whispers to Lee as he quietly sneaks upstairs with Soph's shotgun  and he makes his way over to the dead people very slowly.

Donnie was checking out the axe and he was actually liking the look of it, much to Walter's disbelief. "Wow, nice axe.…" He smirked cockily with an raise of his eyebrow.

Riley manages to shoot the two last dead people in their heads and they both fall to the ground. "There!" He was grinning as he was happy to get the 'dead people' issue out of the way and now all they had to do was to get that woman out of that room that he was standing in front of.

Lee grabs the axe quickly and he goes up the stairs with the others over to Riley. "Nice shooting, Riley.…" He told him with a warm smile.

"Yeah nice shots.…" Carley nodded in agreement with Lee.

"Thanks, guys.…" Riley said proudly.

Donnie glances over at Glenn and he was shaking his head a little. "Now talk to that girl again.…" He told him bitterly.

"I don't think that she wants to talk to me again.…" He replied, biting his lip and he looks down at the ground, making Donnie roll his eyes at him.

Lee sighs softly and he just wished that all this drama between the guys would just stop already. "I'll talk to her, guys…" He told them, shaking his head at their behaviour and he knocks on the door. "Hello in there? We're here to help."

The woman was whimpering and sobbing softly in the room. "Please, just go away!!" She cried out to him from inside.

If you open up, we can take you somewhere safer. We have got a group back in the town.…" He explained to the woman as gently and as calmly as he could to her.

"No! No! No! Please just go away!!" She yelled out at them all from behind the door.

"Please, lady. We just want to help you." Riley was trying to help Lee to get her out of that room by being nice and gentle-talking with her.

"This is a waste of time.…" Donnie muttered rudely.

Lee sighed at everyone's foolishness and he knew that he had to force his way into the room now. "...Miss, we're coming in!" He told her in a very serious tone of voice; he uses the axe to chop off the piece of wood that was covering the door and he tries to open the door but he realizes that it was locked. "Fuck…." He kicks the door a couple of times and the woman starts to get more scared inside of the room.

The woman was sounding more terrified behind the door as she started to speak again. "Stop! Stop! ...I'm coming out…" She sobbed as she unlocks the door and she walks out of the room, looking very pale and weak.

Lee sees she was bitten on her side and his eyes widen a little at the state of the bite on her. "Oh my god.… You are hurt.…" He said quietly.

"I told you to stay away... But you just wouldn't listen…." She said shakily.

"Crap.…" Walter mouthed suddenly.

Riley looks at the others and he wanted to make the tough choice of just leaving her behind to keep the others safe from her. "We have to leave her.…" He told them honestly.

Glenn was shaking his head in denial. "No! We have to help her…!" He said to Riley desperately.

The woman sees that Carley has a pistol and she was hoping to use it. "You have a gun…" She murmured softly.

"Yeah so…?" Carley raised an eyebrow at her suspiciously and she did not like where this was heading.

"C-can I borrow it?" She asked her very calmly and Riley stares at the woman in complete disbelief.

"What are you going to do with it?" Walter asked her very nervously.  

"Just let me borrow it.... And it will all be over.…" She told them all.

"Wait... Are you gonna kill yourself?" Donnie asked her, feeling a bit shocked.

"Just let me borrow it!" She begged desperately.

"No.…" Carley said stubbornly to the other woman.

"There has to be a different way to help you, lady.…" Riley said sadily to her.

"It will all be done quickly... Just let me have it please!!" She yelled at them in complete desperation to end her suffering of becoming one of those…. Things….

"...No lady... We are not going to give you the gun.…" Lee was shaking his head at her and he didn't really want to see another person dead in front of him or in front of the others.

The woman tries to grab Carley's pistol and Carley quickly takes a step back away from her. "Give it to me! Please!" She pleaded with Carley.

Riley gets a little pissed off at her for what she was doing to Carley and he aims Soph's shotgun at her. "Back off, lady!" He snapped impatiently.

The woman looks at Riley and she smiles a little crazily. "...Shoot me in the head please! Please! Kill me, please!" She was begging him to do it and Riley could feel himself hesitating to do it.

"Riley! Don't shoot her! We can help her…!" Glenn pleaded with him to not do it.

"Kill me!.... Kill me, please.…" She sobbed a little.

"..…" Riley was completely speechless, making himself look at Glenn and he lowers the shotgun, making Glenn sigh in relief.

"Just calm down...We can help you.…" Lee said gently to the woman to help calm her down.

"Give me the gun!" The woman yelled at Carley and she looked like she was about to pounce onto Carley.

"Guys, let's just leave her!" Donnie shouted to the others harshly.

The woman pounces onto Carley and they both fall onto the ground. "Please!!" She shrieked as she tried to grab the gun from Carley's hand and it then falls onto the ground.

"Get off of me!!" Carley snapped at her in anger, trying to push the woman off of her.

Riley grabs the woman and he manages to push her away from him, Carley and the others. "Stop it, Lady.... Please.…" He was getting more pissed off at her actions' and if she wasn't going to stop--

"NO!! Kill me!!" She yelled too loudly at them.

Donnie quickly picked up Carley's gun and he shoots the lady in the head, killing her and everyone else stares at him in both surprise and shock at what he had just done. ".…" He was shaking and he drops the gun to the ground. "I-I-I had to do it. She wants t-to d-die.…"

"Oh my…." Glenn gags and he pukes and Carley grabs her gun slowly off of the ground in front of her.

"Fuck.…" Riley murmured sadily and Walter looked away from the horrible site that was in front of all of them.

Carley gets back up to her feet and she glances at the guys. "....Lets get out of here.…" She told them quietly.

Lee gasps as he could see more dead people coming out of the woods. "Your right!! Let's get go!!" He ordered the others quickly.

Everyone runs off back to the drugstore and they were all hoping that it wouldn't get any worse than what had just happened….
I hope you guys will like this! ^^
GothChick12233 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
So what was the point in trying to save Irene (suicide girl) again, guys? :confused: Is it to give you a first time experience of the action against the walkers in the game?
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